What is Ctrl+Paint?

It's a free digital painting education broken into clear, streaming, 5 minute videos. As a self taught painter I felt that the internet didn't have an accessible entry-point to the world of digital illustration, so I decided to create my own: ctrlpaint.com.

How is it free?

From the very beginning my goal was to provide a welcoming learning process, and that meant it needed to be ad-free. To cover the costs of the site I created the Ctrl Paint Store which offers more in-depth learning in the form of $10 downloads. The bulk of the content, found in the video library, is completely free. In short, it's my attempt to create an art school-style experience for anyone with an internet connection.

Has the Experiment Worked?

The short answer is yes. In every measurable way, Ctrl+Paint has surpassed my expectations. Having reached tens of thousands of artists, all over the globe, the website has made a significant impact. What started as a simple 'hunch' has transformed into a completely sustainable business.

So check it out, and have fun painting!  www.ctrlpaint.com